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[12 May 2006|12:43pm]

Be My Sweetheart

Some screencaps of Anthony from Empire Records [03 Mar 2006|01:29am]

Heres 253 screencaps of Anthony LaPaglia as Joe from Empire records!

They are all 1016x570 (except for one lol)

Preview & Link:
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[14 Nov 2005|02:30am]

FILMINK Magazine has asked me to help promote their new magazine by giving away a PDF version of their article on Anthony LaPaglia in the November 15 issue. The magazine is available for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

The article is posted to my LaPaglia fan page under "Featured Announcements" here:


Or can be found in the files of LaPaglia Respect here (you must be a member of the group):


The magazine's website is http://www.filmink.com.au/ .
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Article in the Sydney Morning Herald [21 Aug 2005|12:21pm]

Article in the Sydney Morning Herald: LaPaglia's desperate move to see Sydney FC. Gist of the story: LaPaglia has convinced Bruckheimer/CBS to film WAT in Japan so he can attend the FIFA soccer tournament when Sydney FC plays in it.

Free registration on the site required, article comes with a nice photo. Text will eventually be archived at LaPaglia Respect.
Be My Sweetheart

Murder One, R1 DVDs to come out in November [03 Aug 2005|10:31pm]

Saw this on Google alerts, but beware of potential plot spoilers in the description if you go to the page. I kinda wish I hadn't even seen that much. I'm trying to remain as spoiler-free on it as possible.


But here's the important info from the site, without spoilers (although the typo on "tracks" is theirs):

The final 18 episodes of Murder One will be hitting store shelves on November 15 in a 5 disc set (810 mins). The Full Frame (1.33:1) presentation will be accompanied by Dolby Surround audio trakcs in English, French and Spanish, as well as English and Spanish subtitles. The set will sell for $59.98 US, or $89.98 CAN
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[24 Jul 2005|06:58pm]

It's been awhile since I've had time to go through eBay looking for photos, but I did so today so here's the stuff I found that I haven't seen before:

http://tinyurl.com/am5pu - old Venice magazine article, with one picture shown that I haven't seen before

http://tinyurl.com/8xl4r - that new Aussie men's magazine, ALPHA, with one small pic of LaPaglia tending goal

Three black and white stills from The Client, looks like they were for a press pack or something:

When I don't have time to post updates all over the Internet, I at least always post stuff I find to LaPaglia Respect.
Be My Sweetheart

[07 Jun 2005|10:49pm]

LaPaglia, Murciano, and Close will be on CBS's The Early Show tomorrow (Wed) morning. My listings show it from 8-10 am.
Be My Sweetheart

[09 May 2005|09:43pm]

Not sure how I missed this since I often listen to this show and NPR in general, but thanks a million to Melody for letting me know about it!


LaPaglia recently did more promo work for Sydney FC on the Today Show on channel 9 in Australia. You can find the video here:


If you don't see it in the list at the bottom, either click on Entertainment or do a search on LaPaglia. In fact, if you do a search, there's an older video there too!

I'm not sure how to save videos from there, so go see them while you can. If I get a chance soon I'll make transcripts to post to the article archive at LaPaglia Respect ( http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/lapagliarespect/ ).
Be My Sweetheart

[23 Apr 2005|09:44pm]

CBSBUZZ has a bunch of new pics on sale on ebay. Warning: the majority of them are from Season 3 and may imply spoilers for episodes already aired in the US.

http://tinyurl.com/csxf9 - WAT pic 1

http://tinyurl.com/7alfb - WAT pic 2

http://tinyurl.com/93x7d - WAT pic 3

http://tinyurl.com/9w63e - WAT pic 4

http://tinyurl.com/dgtkz - WAT pic 5

http://tinyurl.com/d2a6y - WAT pic 6

http://tinyurl.com/adphv - WAT pic 7

http://tinyurl.com/77x3f - WAT pic 8

http://tinyurl.com/aonkj - WAT pic 9

http://tinyurl.com/8wbsh - WAT pic 10

http://tinyurl.com/9shoz - WAT pic 11

http://tinyurl.com/b6a23 - WAT pic 12
Be My Sweetheart

[17 Apr 2005|10:29pm]

Got some new ebay photos/auctions to share...

http://tinyurl.com/aj7ry - signed photo I haven't seen before from The Client.

http://tinyurl.com/e3vb5 - common signed photo (early Jack Malone)

http://tinyurl.com/72tec - Winter Solstice premiere photo

http://tinyurl.com/akjvg - several Winter Solstice premiere photos

Plus, here are some capped out versions of the Venice Mag pics, very large. Share as you like, but PLEASE, do not hotlink to these links...save them and post them elsewhere yourself.



Be My Sweetheart

Various LaPaglia tidbits [13 Apr 2005|10:56am]

Now that the relatives have left, I can catch up on some news...

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[06 Apr 2005|11:08pm]

Another LaPaglia talk show appearance coming up...

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
CBS Apr 16 12:37am

Actor Anthony LaPaglia; actor Ryan Reynolds; Dinosaur Jr. performs

As soon as I get a chance I'll add it to the LaPaglia Respect calendar so there'll be automatic reminders there.

ETA: found some ebay pics too...
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Be My Sweetheart

[04 Apr 2005|11:33pm]

According to my local TV listings:

Late Show With David Letterman
CBS, Thu Apr 14 11:35pm PDT
Actor Anthony LaPaglia; actress Ana Gasteyer; Mariah Carey performs.
Be My Sweetheart

'Winter Solstice' Apr 20 at Birmingham 8 [01 Apr 2005|11:36am]

If anyone reading lives in this area, you can get free tickets!

Be My Sweetheart

New mags/articles coming out [29 Mar 2005|12:20am]

While there isn't much good at the moment on ebay in terms of pictures, there are a lot of auctions for upcoming magazines that feature LaPaglia, so I figured I'd post links to three sorta randomly selected auctions for the mags in order to let folks know about them. Each of these has more auctions available, but better still, if the mag is available in your area, you might want to grab a copy directly.

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Be My Sweetheart

tons of ebay photos [22 Mar 2005|10:57pm]

A cornucopia of ebay photos I haven't seen before (I think...I might be losing track!). Some end shortly so go grab 'em quick!

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Winter Solstice pictures [20 Mar 2005|02:53pm]

There are some production photos from Winter Solstice up here on Yahoo.

Most of them we've seen before (some in much larger, nicer versions on the Sound Pictures press page), but there's at least one with LaPaglia and Janney I haven't seen before.

Also, I just checked the official movie site again, and there's stuff there. Not much we haven't read before elsewhere, but there is a nice Flash pic of LaPaglia on the main page. I've captured it and put it here in my photobucket for now:

The official site still doesn't seem to provide actual useful information, such as when/where it's playing. :/

Sorry if I'm behind on other news and goodies lately, as I have not been feeling well.
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Happy Hour [17 Mar 2005|11:59am]

The Desert Reel Film Festival has announced the film "Happy Hour" has been selected to open the 2005 festival.

Article: http://tinyurl.com/4oa6f

So it keeps popping up at film festivals, even though it already had a limited release. Dare we hope for more? Or is this its fate, to be stuck in festivals forever?

I like this review from the article:

"Anthony LaPaglia is magnetic"-- PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Ohhhhhh yeah, he sure is. :D
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[16 Mar 2005|11:49am]

According to this article: http://www.tribute.ca/synopsis.asp?m_id=10057

Winter Solstice will be released in Canada on April 15. It doesn't say where, so check your local film listings to see if it will play near you. No word yet on release outside of North America.

I've added this to the calendar at LaPaglia Respect (http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/lapagliarespect/) with automated reminders to be issued one week before and one day before, similar to the entry already made for the April 8 US limited release.
Be My Sweetheart

Two ebay piccies [14 Mar 2005|10:34am]

1) The biggest version of the 1998 View from The Bridge Playbill I've see yet. You can clearly see LaPaglia in the photo.


2) I honestly can't recall if I've seen this one before. I may have too many pics. :D Oh no wait, no such thing! It's from Spinning Boris, a newspaper TV guide cover.


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